Search images are missing on the website

Hi Support,

We are using Magento ver. and the extension version is 1.6.1.

We are facing the product images missing in the search results on the MAGENTO website. I have refreshed all the cache and after that done all the indexing but still not able to solve this issue on the website. I have also followed the instruction provided in FAQ section but that will also not be fixed on the website.

Can anyone provide help that why this issue occurs on the website on regular basis and what steps we should need to follow to resolve this issue?

Sachin Gupta

Hello Sachin,

would you mind sharing a live website with me so I can investigate?


Hi Jan

This is website url of live website

Can you please specify what details you are required to check the issue so that we will provide you?

Sachin Gupta

Hello Sachin,

thanks for the URL. As I checked that right now I cannot see any issues with images on the website.
Did you manage to fix it?

Hi Jan,

Actually, I am facing the missing images issue on regular interval and it will require to run indexing each time to resolve this issue on the website. I have run indexing last time also and this has to be fixed automatically. Sometimes it takes more time to fix the issue after indexing and some times resolve instantly.

I want to know why the image missing again and again on the website and why we require to run indexing to fix the images and how much time taken to reflect after indexing on the
website. Please advise.

Sachin Gupta

Hello Sachin,

the extension indexes the URL of cached image (unfortunately there is no other option :frowning: ), so each time you erase your cached images, the image URL becomes invalid and therefore won’t return any image.
And you have to reindex all products in order to index correct URLs again.

Can you check how often you erase cached images?

More information on the topic you can find in Magento extension FAQ:

Hi Jan,

I am having a similar issue, but I am not able to display images in autosuggest at all. I am working on a dev site here -

I have cleared magento image cache and reindexed. But nothing could make it work so far.


The documentation suggests that you closely review the rights of your image cache folder.

In my instance, the cron user I originally set up to run the queue had different permissions than from the apache user. After I changed the cron user to be the same permissions as the apache/web user I re-indexed and it resolved all of my missing image issues.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @mapodo,

I checked your website and you used Kircher as application ID. But it’s not your application ID.
Can you navigate to API keys page of your Algolia dashboard, pick up the the right application ID and set it to Algolia extension in Magento?

Thank you for that @mmcbrien! :+1:
I’ll add it to documentation if you don’t mind :raised_hands:

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