Search in multiple index but the end result should return one index data

I am using Algolia with Laravel. There are two models. Product and Product Attributes. Product have different columns like name, price and slug. Product Attributes table holds different attributes value for a product. table structure is like
product_id attribute_id value
1 1 500
1 2 ‘5 kg’
A pivot table actually. So my use case is I can search for product own columns as well as attributes data like give me the products where attribute 1 is more than 100 or attribute 2 is like ‘kg’ (both can be done from the same search and filter as I have search and multiple Filters to filter data). My end result is always the product model. How should I index my data to get the desired result? Is federated search possible for this kind of scenario? Or I should index the product table only with relationship data?? Any thoughts??