Search is not working effectively

Have built a search for Cricket Website, some issues we are facing:

  1. On search for word “Australia”, while we type “Aus”, it gives results, but as soon as we type “Austr” or “Austra” it stops showing results and again starts showing results after typing “Austral” onwards. Could you please look into it

Results for the below data:
?50 pm

No results for the below:

Hi willow, thanks for reaching out.

By default, we have a limited view of your application. Since your question requires us to see your index configuration and records, would it be okay to grant Algolia support access to your application?

If it is, head over to the Algolia support access page to manage this. Please provide us with at least 7 days of access (you can provide us more, we won’t use your data in any way but for support) so we can help you if this request takes a bit more time. As soon as you did it, please post a reply here.

Have given you read access for 14 days. Could you please give us an update on the same?

Hi @willow, thank you for providing the access.
The behaviour you have described is coming from the ‘Prefix Search’ setting.
Screenshot at Nov 12 14-55-17

On your account it is set to prefixNone, which implies that all words are considered complete and only records containing matches for every query word will be returned.

In your example,

  • searching for au as a word returns no results
  • searching for aus as a word returns results

The need for this setting value is fairly uncommon. Can I ask what problem did you have that made you try it?