Search limit X amount of items

Hi Algolia community

I’m wondering if there is a way to limit a certain typeo of product in the search requests.
The case is I need to limit a product of certain vendor lets say of “Base”, if the search query finds more than 10 products that has the vendor “Base”, I need it to exclude the following of the same vendor.

Is that even possible? Tried looking at facetFilters, but can’t find a solution there :thinking:

I hoped I could do something along the lines of following:
filters: (vendor:Base < 10)

But that won’t work, cause my vendor isn’t a numeric value, and I also need it for the entire query, and not filter per item in the query.

I kind of achieved the wanted results with Multiple queries

Hoped for an easier solution, but it works.
Still open for any other ways to achieve the wanted result