Search multiple fields with different values


Given the above search document is it possible to search with the below condition.
key1=value1 and key2=value2

Yes, you can accomplish this by adding multiple filters to a query, one for key1 and one for key2. The Faceting and Filtering Guide shows a few different ways to combine filters (both AND and OR are supported).

How would it work if my field is not configured as facets and its a string value.

You would need to configure it as a facet, but you can do this without it affecting your queries in any other way. You can do that on the Display tab of the dashboard. String values are supported.

@dzello To accomplish this using facets, will it do an exact string match in that case?

What if, I want a normal search and not an exact match.


Facets will need an exact match, yes.

Could your share more information about your use case? There might be a way to accomplish it without needing to match certain words to certain fields.

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