Search no longer works after upgrading to latest version

In our Shopify Admin, the Algolia Search app suggested to be upgraded. We selected this option and everything appeared to upgrade correctly. However, now the search on our website no longer works. When typing characters in the search box, no suggestions appear. After entering a full valid search term and clicking the search icon, the user is taken to a screen that shows no results. The debugger in the browser window shows the following errors when the main webpage is loaded:

algolia_init.js?67:27 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘innerHTML’ of null
at Object.getTemplate (algolia_init.js?67:27)
at algolia_init.js?67:38
at algolia_init.js?67:88
getTemplate @ algolia_init.js?67:27
(anonymous) @ algolia_init.js?67:38
(anonymous) @ algolia_init.js?67:88
algolia_autocomplete.js?67:176 Algolia: Autocomplete
algolia_autocomplete.js?67:179 Uncaught TypeError: algolia.appendStyle is not a function
at algolia_autocomplete.js?67:179
at algolia_autocomplete.js?67:255

Any ideas on how to get our search back up and running?

HI @swalsh,

I replied to your message via the Algolia mail Support.