Search on description


we are building an app in react -native, firebase and Algolia where we need to search for assets that are a collection in Firestore. An asset has a title and a description. We succeed in searching the title of the asset and showing search results.

W can’t find out how to make the description searchable and show results where keywords match the description. Then also the priority for description matches should be lower then that for hits on title.

is there a tutorial somewhere explaining that?.

Thanks for you help!


Hi Tim!

Google has a great tutorial to help you get started with Algolia and Cloud Firestore. You already seem to have an install ready so you may not need it, but it’s worth a read to compare with what you’ve developed so far.

So, from what you shared, I assume that you’ve indexed your data from Cloud Firestore to Algolia. In your Algolia index, you should have records that look like the following:

    "objectID": "123",
    "title": "My title",
    "description": "My description"
    "objectID": "456",
    "title": "My title 2",
    "description": "My description 2"

If that isn’t the case (e.g., if you only have title but not description) it means that you need to index the description into Algolia. The tutorial from Google should help.

If you have both title and description, then you need to make sure that both are searchable, by adding them to your searchable attributes. As you can see in the guide, you can give priority to some searchable attributes. In your case, this means you need to set title first, then description.