Search parameters on getObjects | Is there an alternative?

I am using Firebase and Algolia together and that often requires me to search and get results for an array of specific objectIds. For example, my application has “assignments” (essentially object with an image url, some text strings along with their _geoloc). Users can “accept” these assignments. All the assignments a particular user accepts is stored in an array of assignmentIds (objectIDs in algolia terms) and placed in their user object. I want to show a user all the assignments they accepted and I do this with the getObjects method.

 var array = [

 index.getObjects(array), function(error, result) {
   if (error) {
   } else {

This would be fine if there were only a few dusin “assignment” a user has accepted and if I didn’t need to get the geoDistance from the user. But, I need to see the geoDistance, be able to sort the results through geolocation and use pagination. Does anybody now if this is possible through getObjects (ie. to set search parameters) or is there another way to do this?

I would like to set this search parameter object with the getObjects:

                  "getRankingInfo": 1,
                  "facets": "*",
                  "attributesToRetrieve": "*",
                  "hitsPerPage": search.searchHits,
                  "page": search.searchPage,
                  "aroundLatLngViaIP": ipLoc,
                  "aroundLatLng": Location,
                  "aroundRadius": 'all',
                  "maxValuesPerFacet": 100

So in order to search inside another limited subset of records you can facet over the objectId and filter on them. This way you can have the search and the subset without using getObjectIds which does not support searching.