Search Party Recap: Serverless Edition 🔎🎉

Search Party: Serverless Edition August 10th, 2017

Recently, we had our San Francisco Search Party and we focused on Serverless topics. We changed it up a bit this time and held our event at The Vault, which was a great venue. We had some amazing talks, food, people and, of course, a proper SearchBar™.

Who doesn’t love tacos? Thanks for showing the love, Alex!

We had some amazing speakers…

Photo Search with Algolia, Firebase, and Google Cloud - Abe Haskins, Firebase :mag_right: :camera_flash: :fire:
Did you know that Google Photos will let you search for “bears” and it’ll find every photo you’ve ever taken of a bear? This feels magical, but we can actually recreate this functionality in minutes by using Algolia’s search, Firebase’s speed, and Google Cloud’s machine learning API. We’ll dive in and build this awesome feature in record time!

Serverless Extensibility from Within - Glenn Block, Auth0 :bomb:
In the era of Serverless, we’re finding new patterns for addressing old problems. In the past,extending and customizing products has been painful, requiring a high level of technical expertise, complex tool chains, and standing up and deploying servers —not to mention deploying and managing services across multiple team boundaries and budgets.
With Serverless we can now address that problem in a new way, from the inside. In this talk we discussed the emergence of new pattern of Serverless extensibility. We can ease much of the pain for the customer enabling them to more quickly address their business needs. We talked about the pattern and saw how it was being used in the real world.

Content Management Without a Server - Matt Biilmann, Netlify :construction_worker_man:
Traditionally CMSes have been large, bloated monolithic applications that gobble up more and more functionality as they evolve.
This talk goes over an open source project, Netlify CMS, which is an attempt at radically rethinking the CMS architecture, and create a publishing engine that works with much simpler decoupled parts and brings much better results in terms of performance, security, scalability and development efficiency. All built as a single page app in React, for content management in a serverless world.

No Query, No Problem: Load Dynamic Serverless Content Faster with Search - Josh Dzielak, Algolia :mag_right:🙅
Even when time-to-first-byte is fast, delays in fetching dynamic content can still make your serverless app or static site feel sluggish. In this talk, we’ll look at how Algolia’s low-latency infrastructure and ability to rank results in advance can speed this up, without the user ever typing a search query.

We had a Twitter contest this time around with our audience using the hashtag #AlgoliaSearchParty and did a random drawing at the end of the night. Congratulations to Guillaume Salva!

Thank you to everyone who came, we are looking forward to our next event October 17th, focusing on e-commerce. Stay tuned…