Search Party videos are up! Learn about Preact, React & more

Videos and slides from the Jan. 25 Search Party at Algolia SF have been posted to Algolia’s Youtube channel and are also grouped together into a Search Party playlist.

:microphone2: The Speakers

We had 4 speakers and took 1 photo of the speakers.

:video_camera: The Videos

Putting the P in Preact - Jason Miller, @_developit

“Invention and reinvention can appear dangerously similar.” Preact creator Jason Miller speaks to Algolia Search Party attendees about UI frameworks, performance, and the story that lead to the creation of Preact. Preact is a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API.

Slides here:
Find Jason on Twitter -
Learn more about Preact -

Building a SVG Icon System in React - Emily Hayman, @eehayman, @emily.hayman

“We’ve been using icon fonts for so long, why do we need to make the switch over?” Algolia Solutions Engineer Emily Hayman shares some lessons learned building and SVG icon system with React.

Slides -

Announcing Search For Facet Values - Alexandre Collin, @alexandrecollin, @alex

Algolia Solutions Engineer Alexandre Collin talks about the release of a new API feature that allows the user to type a query to filter the list of values presented for any facet.

Learn more information about this feature in the Algolia documentation -

Use React InstantSearch with Electron - Josh Dzielak, @dzello, @dzello

Algolia Developer Advocate Josh Dzielak announces a new project that makes it easy to create an instant search experience that runs as a desktop application.

Learn more: Instantsearch-electron, a boilerplate for desktop search applications
Github link:

:pray: Special Thank You

Thank you Jason, who came all the way from Ontario, Canada to be with us! Your excitement and enthusiasm for web performance is contagious. And we are so, so flattered that you like our t-shirt.