Search Plugin Table -- Total Newbie

Really need to be pointed in the right direction.

I have a custom WordPress Plugin that pulls Vehicle inventory from a VMS (Vehicle Management System)

I wish to import all the vehicles from this custom plugin into algoria.
The information is stored within a table called CDP_Inventory.
*Not the usual WP_

Where Would I start?

Hi Andrew,

Pushing custom tables to Algolia is not what the plugin is designed for unfortunately.
The plugin we provide is made to power your blog search with Algolia, and is able to index post types / taxonomies and users by default.

If you are interested in going further than that, you need to use the PHP API client directly.

Here is a standalone example plugin that interacts with Algolia: GitHub - rayrutjes/wc-order-search-admin: 💵 Search for WooCommerce orders in the admin at the speed of thought with Algolia.

You could inspire from that plugin to create your own.

Let me know how that sounds, and eventually what you was hoping to find for your use case.