Search results are ignoring user segment, private articles are being shown to public audiences in Zendesk?

Hi all!
I need your help! We have our Algolia search results synced with Zendesk articles. I have observed thats somehow it has returning private article/indexes ? How am I able to return search results for the correct user segment (agents, admins, signed in users, etc) ?

We are using the Algolia’s Zendesk library (GitHub - algolia/algoliasearch-zendesk: Integrate Algolia within your Zendesk Help Center in minutes.) for our integration and here’s our setting:

	applicationId: '<APP_ID>',
   	apiKey: '<API KEY>',
	subdomain: '<DOMAIN>',
	poweredBy: false,
	autocomplete: {
		enabled: true, // is the autocomplete feature enabled?
		inputSelector: '#query', 
		hitsPerPage: 5 
	instantsearch: {
		useEditedAt: true

Perhaps is this something that can only be configured via Searh API query param?


The integration by default only indexes public articles.
See Documentation - Algolia for Zendesk .