Search Results Directing to Another Site

Hi everyone,

Apologies in advance for my naivety - we’ve recently upgraded to Magento V2.3.3 and ever since we’ve been experiencing issues with products on different stores directing to another of our stores.

We have a multi-store setup with the below URL’s:

We’re seeing products on our Age UK and Water Irrigation stores directing customers to 404’s on our Incontinence Choice site instead of the product page on the site they’re visiting. A prime example would be:


Type BFHUBLB-E into the search bar

Click on the instant search result

And you’re taken to:

This is causing a nightmare for our customers and has our devs scratching their heads. It’s difficult to replicate the issue to try and troubleshoot - our merchandisers are reporting that they’re usually seeing links break after making an update to a product - although more often than not the product breaking has no relation to the product they’ve just changed.

Example here would be the above mentioned SKU - this has not been touched for some time, but has for some reason broken.

Do you know what is causing this issue and how we can fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



I understand that your records are indexed with the wrong hostname.

Can you make sure that:

Let me know if that helps