Search results order for Promos

Hi, I’m using algolia through shopify but with a custom frontend (not shopify), we are introducing some promos on our e-commerce where we offer some products at discounted price on a specific day of the week, we are creating those products on shopify and enabling them on a given day of the week.
When a customer search for products and its the day of the promo, we want to display those first on the search result.
What could be the best way to achieve this? adding a named tag and use it as a search attribute and then set it as the order ranking? or it should be a metafield? thanks

Hi there,
I think “Rules” is a good fit for this:

Once you set the rule on your Algolia dashboard,
you can use queryRuleCustomData widget on your frontend to get the custom data.

This is the example for it ↑

Let me know how it goes and if you have any question.