Search suggestions in the autocomplete box

Is it possible to display search suggestions in the autocomplete box for Shopify integration?

eg. If I t . type in “bag” it suggests other search terms people used like “shopping bags, hand bags, blue bags, etc”

We do have a feature called “Query Suggestions”, available to our Business and Enterprise customers.
The concept of this script is that it will use your Algolia analytics to get popular queries and save them in an Algolia index (after some processing).

One of the main reasons we provide this tool out of the box only to those customers is twofold:

  • it requires some configuration that the dedicated support provided with those plans can definitely help build
  • it requires a lot of analytics data for the suggestions to be relevant

However, you can also run it by yourself.

Indeed, the code is open-source and hosted here: .
We do not guarantee the quality of the provided suggestions, but even without much analytics, using the query generation from facets can definitely get you a long way.

If you choose to got this route, you’ll then have some front-end changes to make use of this new index.
A good resource to get started is our documentation for customizing our front-end, available here: .

I hope all of this helps!