Search window bug

Hi guys,

The search window opens up in our homepage in a different way then in all the other pages. You can see the differences in the links below when typing in the search box:

Homepage (smaller window):

Any other page (normal window):

The widow in the homepage opens up to about 1/3 of it’s normal size in other pages in our system. I will appreciate any help in fixing it.

Hello @sarokas.verkkokauppa!

Thanks for your message.

I investigated on both pages and it looks like the root #algolia-autocomplete-container div used to inject the autocomplete is not located in the same place on both pages:

On the second page (that renders correctly), it lives right inside the #maincontent div, which spans the entire width of the page:

On the first page, it lives inside a .col-md-4 div that has a smaller width, and inherits the width of this container:

What you can do to fix that is modify the template for the home page and move the #algolia-autocomplete-container in the same location as the other pages.

Let us know if you have any further questions!



Many thanks for the answer. I think it will make things go smoother.

I’ll be in touch if some other problems will pop out!