Searchable Attributes not working with shopify

If I go here and add the Title attribute:

It works perfectly and searches only by product title in the algolia dashboard.

However when searching on shopify it cannot show products and in the console gives this error:

Is there any way I can get Searchable Attributes to work?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The issue here is that we expect some attributes to be part of the Searchable Attributes, to access their highlighted value for instance.

Were your searchable attributes empty before you’ve added title? We’ve had a bug where the index settings could not correctly be set which you might have been a victim of.
Without any attribute, everything works fine because by default Algolia considers every attribute as searchable.

You have the list of expected attributes at the bottom of the Products schema section of the documentation:

body_html_safe (unordered)

We need those to be present if you don’t modify the front-end code. You can however reorder them at will and add any other one which you might find relevant!

Hi thanks for your help, I found what I needed on the page you linked too, about how to list only products and not the variants.

Awesome Dave.
Happy Algolia usage, and let us know once you’re done with the implementation, we’d be happy to see what you did with it!