SearchBundle v4 alpha 1 is released! πŸŽ‰

Hi everyone!

Today we are super proud to announce the release of the alpha 1 version for our SearchBundle v4! It implements our PHP Client v2 and come with tons of new features :gift: !

To name a few :point_down:

:sparkles: Improved DX with the usage of our PHP Client v2

An entire redesign that makes it faster and easier to use. It also ships with all its new features like the possibility to copy a whole index, to copy all the rules from an index, to replace all data in one index, creating secured API keys, and more.


:coffee: All the logic in one single service

The bundle has been made much more simple with the merge of the two classes AlgoliaEngine and IndexManager to one SearchService. The SearchService is your only entry point for any operation on the engine.

:vertical_traffic_light: All operations are now waitable

Methods from the SearchService are now waitable. You can rely on the wait() method to wait for your task to be completely handled by the Engine before moving on


:pencil2: Customize your operations with any options

You now have the possibility to pass any optional arguments and options to the engine in the $requestOptions parameter, available in all SearchService methods. You can for example add filters, choose which facets to retrieve, change the number of hits per page, pass new headers, etc.

And many more…!

Please head over our Upgrade guide and tell us what you think! Any feedbacks are more than welcome.


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thanks and excited for the new update.
question: will or does this update require any changes to existing code?

Hey @larryk!

Indeed this new major version contains breaking changes. But we wrote an exhaustive list of all of them and changes you will have to make in the upgrade guide, so it’d be as smooth as possible for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach back to us if you come across any problem! We’re more than happy to help.

Have a good day,