Searching for products in subcategories using suggestions in Magento 2

We have v2 of Algolia Extension for Magento 2.3 Community. I’ve enabled suggestions. I will use an example to describe the problem.

I was looking for the product like ‘apap’ (screen)

and when i clicked on first suggestion, then product was found in all categories, second suggestion found this same product in subcategory (‘ból’ in this example). When i clicked on any suggestion, products was found - it’s work fine.

Problem is when I’m at the search page where products are founded in all categories:
(e.g url: http://example.local/catalogsearch/result/?q=apap) (first suggestion on the screen)
and I’m try search this same product in subcategories:
(e.g url: http://example.local/catalogsearch/result/?q=apap#q=apap&hFR[categories.level0][0]=Ból&idx=PL-magento2-local-default_products) (second suggestion on the screen).
When i click on the second suggestion i have error in console.

I’m debugging the code and I’m find that all suggestions have this same type of data in request to insight (objectID, __position, __queryID). All of this suggestions haven’t option “__indexName”. Problem is only when I’m in search result page like http://example.local/catalogsearch/result/?q=apap and I’m try to looking for this same product in subcategories like http://example.local/catalogsearch/result/?q=apap#q=apap&hFR[categories.level0][0]=Ból&idx=PL-magento2-local-default_products. Only then page are not reloading. In this case, url is changing, but page aren’t reloaded.

I don’t know if it’s a problem with the lookup engine, the configuration of insight binding events, or maybe some other option. I need your help

HI @maciej.posacki, do you have a link where I can see what’s happening? I’m not sure I understand the issue. Could you also provide step by step directions to duplicate the issue?