Searching numerical / text values i.e. 2 vs two

How should we configure searches that include numbers to show the same results?

Example from our company we have products with “2 piece net” in the title. We would want this product to show if someone was to search “two piece net”. My mind went straight to creating a synonym but then am i creating a synonym for every number and it’s text form?

This would also apply in clothing and shoes “size 12” vs “size twelve”, I guess the latter is less common but want to cover all basis.

Is there a specific setting within algolia that i’m missing which would help with this other than adding lots of synonyms for all numbers we want to cover?

No, Algolia doesn’t handle this out of the box. You’ll need to add the synonyms for this. For the later case it makes more sense to add the value as a number attribute on your record then expose it as a facet (i.e. a “size” facet with “12” as a selectable value.