Searching two Docusaurus sites at once: One contextual, one not

I’m a bit of a novice, so, apologies in advance if I say stuff wrong. :grimacing:

I’ve got two separate Docusaurus sites and and a high-level goal to allow users to enter searches in a single place and see results from both sites. The “zed” site has multiple versions of docs while the “zui” site has just the one “current” set and will likely never be versioned. There’s a single DocSearch index & crawler currently covering both sites, e.g., the crawler config references both sites in startUrls, sitemaps, and discoveryPatterns and there’s a single actions block that lists both sites under pathsToMatch.

So far I’ve only got the algolia Docusaurus config block enabled on the “zed” site and it’s mostly working how I want. The default Contextual Search does exactly what I need for the “zed” content, in that only the “zed” results that match the selected Version in the dropdown are returned. But for the “zui” results, there’s a catch: I can only see those results if I have “Next” selected in the dropdown. Based on my hacking & reading of the docs, this definitely looks like a side effect of Contextual Search: If I turn that off, now I can see the “zuI” results all the time (which is good!), but I now also see the redundant results for all “zed” versions (which I don’t want).

So that leads to my main question: Can someone point me at the right set of crawler and/or filter settings so the “zui” content will be seen regardless of the Version selected in the dropdown, while the Contextual Search will still remain in effect for the “zed” content?

And if we can get that working, I’d basically want to enable something like the reverse from the “zui” site. That is, when I add the algolia Docusaurus config block on the “zui” site, I’d want to configure it so the searches that users issue on that site would see hits for the “zui” content and also “zed” content. There would not be a Version dropdown on the “zui” site since its docs aren’t versioned, but for the “zed” results", my goal would be to have the user see results for the “latest” zed docs Version.

Sorry so complicated, but hoping the answer is out there somewhere. Thanks!