Searching US City Hall footage with Algolia

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about a project that I’m working on that Algolia was kind of enough to give us some pro-bono search capacity for. Right now, most US cities have their city hall footage trapped behind a rather obtuse service called Granicus. Here’s a sample video of a San Francisco City Hall meeting:

Our idea was to make these videos more accessible by:

  1. Uploading them to YouTube
  2. Making their transcripts searchable with Algolia

You can see our WIP here: You can try searching for something like “housing” to see all the SF meetings that reference that word.

Our stack is currently just Rails with a lot of background workers to mirror uploaded videos to YouTube, but we’ll probably be using React to flesh out the frontend experience soon, too!


Hey @vincent1 - love the project idea and making this data so much more accessible to the public.

We’re glad we can help on this and look forward to seeing the frontend come alive!

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