See all products matching link not working

Installed algolia today and testing. All looks good except the link for ‘see all products matching “xyz”’ (example) does not work. Maybe I need to configure something else? Or is this a Shopify issue?

See attached example.

First, thanks for the great feedback!

The reason for the difference in amount of results is due to the fact that on your search page, it’s Shopify’s default search running, whereas in the autocompletion menu, it’s Algolia.

To avoid this weirdness, I’ve just deployed a fix that will hide this footer if you haven’t enabled InstantSearch in the display tab of the app.

To fix this, you’ll want to either :

  • reinstall the latest front-end version going through the Install in a new theme process on the Settings tab of the app
  • activate InstantSearch in the Display tab. For this to work, you’ll likely have to change the Instant Search CSS Selector, which allows us to know where to put the search results. If you’re working with a front-end developer, s·he will know how to get it. If you aren’t, this post should help: Enable Instant Search - Finding the CSS Selector - SOLVED