Seeking End User Reference Guide for Search Operators

I am a voracious consumer of the documentation for Temporal, which uses Algolia for search. Last night, I discovered that I can use the + and - operators to refine my searches, which instantly improved my productivity.

It likely supports additional operators or methods for refining results, but I cannot seem to find any documentation on Algolia’s site describing them. Everything I find seems oriented towards site administrators who are configuring the search feature, rather than end users like me who are trying to use what’s already there.

Can anyone point me to a reference guide for end users of Algolia search?


The advanced syntax only adds two features:

  1. Phrase query: require a set of terms to be matched next to each other (ex. "search engine")
  2. Prohibit operator: removes any items containing a certain term (ex -apple)

We do not have a user-facing documentation page for this, however, this page from our API Reference contains a lot of context around these features. I will mention this to our Documentation team and see if they would like to add a page for end users as I do understand it can be a bit tricky to find.


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