& Algolia Search Insights Failure

I tried to get the integration with Algolia Search Insights and working but was unsuccessful. I followed the instructions closely but in the end, I gave up because it felt like the implementation was buggy and lacked the functionality that I need.

Buggy: I would set up a click event and it simply would not fire.

Lacked functionality: It felt like the implementation assumed that, for an eCommerce site, that only one location of a product result (say 20 results per search result) only had one area that a user would click to take them to a product page. I’m not aware of any eCommerce site where this is the case and you often have at least two locations on the page that you can click to go to the product page (eg. product image, product title, and in my case a third…the product description).

Did I completely miss something here? Does anyone have a implementation that is working and includes click tracking on all elements of a search result?

Aside from me personally not being able to get this to work on my first go at it, the documentation found here:

…Isn’t very clear in regards to:

Do these events apply to InstantSearch, AutoComplete, and using Algolia in the backend? Or, do they apply just to instant search?

I guess you could say I am left with a lot of questions.

Hi Mike, could you reach out to us at so that we can help you futher?

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