Selected attribute disappears after new geoSearch widget is added

Hi, I am using 1 HierarchicalMenu and multiple RefinementList widgets for facet filtering. On the search results page, visitors can click a link to open a map (this loads an additional geoSearch widget). So, the geoSearch widget loads after search.start().

Problem with this approach is when the visitor selects an hierarchicalMenu attribute and subsequently clicks the open map link (adds geoSearch widget), the hierarchicalMenu attribute is dropped/removed/lost from widget and the url.

Below is the code I use for the widgets. I use search.addWidgets to add the widgets.

I defined a constant widget with panel:

const regioMenuWithPanel = instantsearch.widgets.panel({
  templates: {
	header: 'Regio',

Before search.start regioMenuWithPanel is added with search.addWidget:

	container: '#facet-regio',
	limit: 20,
	showParentLevel: false,
	separator: ' > ',
	sortBy: ['isRefined:desc', 'count'],
	attributes: ['taxonomies_hierarchical.regio.lvl0', 'taxonomies_hierarchical.regio.lvl1', 'taxonomies_hierarchical.regio.lvl2'],

After search.start this widget optionally gets added:

	container: '#geo-search',
	enableRefineControl: false,
	customHTMLMarker: {
	  createOptions(item) {
		return {
		  title: item.post_title,
	  events: {
		click({ event, item, marker, map }) {
		  infowindow.setContent('<h3>' + item.post_title + '</h3>');,marker);
	templates: {
	  HTMLMarker: '<img src="" />',

Hey! Could you please reproduce the behavior in this InstantSearch.js sandbox?

I could reproduce the error in the sandbox and there I saw my error with routing. Thanks Francois!