Separate types in 1 index


Can I perform the same grouping as the one in the link below?

For instance I have show and movie object, both contained in the same index, and I have a type field that says if it’s a show or a movie, can I have it separated in my html?

Also, I have an episode object inside each show object, and I need it separated from those as well, so in my HTML, I’ll have a group of shows, episodes and movies.


yes you can do that Mark!

How do I do that then?

You need to use separate indices. It will be much easier and the number of indices in Algolia is unlimited.

Is there a reason yhy you specifically wanted 1 index?

Hi @julienbourdeau

Yes, as per the previous response in my question, having multiple indices will have an effect in the performance, also will cost more in the operations quota. However, can you validate on this, will having more indices really will affect the performance?

Also, if there’s none with regard to performance, may I ask out a reference on how we can implement this using multiple indices and instantsearch.js library?

Thank you very much for your response!

There is no change regarding performance, it doesn’t make any difference because the http calls are parallelised. But yes, it will affect operations and records.

You can find a few examples in this thead: