Separating Search Component from Results Page

Using React Router 4 I used the example found for React-Router 4 and its working as per the example however i want to have the in the headers navigation and the results to be on a single page. what is the best way to do this? previously i had it working on React-Router 3 but cannot seem to get it working on 4. I have a Github repo here: Repo

Thanks for posting a question. It looks like the link to the repo is broken, can you double check?

Can you also share some specific code and any errors you’ve seen? Thanks.

sorry about that, its fixed now.

So when the project opens ive just made it go to the store page which has the searchbox top left and the contend to the right and it filters fine however i want to take the searchbox and place it in the header and when searching will always change back to the store page or page i want results to appear however this means taking the searchbox out of the so im not sure which is the best way to seperate these components in react. i have react 4 installed but will also be using redux.