Seperate results in one list

Hi. We want to create a better search for our website. At the moment we show 3 “Companies” and 3 “Deals” as result. I do two searches and then put the results together. But now we want to take it to the next level. We want to have a seperated list where you can also search for Tags, Cities, … This could be a result for example for “Pizza” in a window at the bottom of the search:

= Companies =========
Joeys Pizza
Pizza Planet
Pizza Pasta Berlin
= Deals =============
Pizza for 2
20% off for Pizza
= Tags ==============
= City ==============
Pizza City

All our information is in two indices (companies (with cities, countries, …) and deals (with tags)). I think i have to switch from algolias automcomplete to the algoliasearch npm package to do it. Right? Now i already get the results. But i dont know where the result is found… is it a tag, is it found in a title, in a city, …? So i cant seperate them for my list. The whole search topic is really new for me. So maybe somebody has a tip where to start with this. I want to have 3 items for every topic (company,deals,Tags,City)… A link would be enough :slight_smile: because i cant find how to do this.

ok. i just read about faceting. i think that could be the solution.