Sessions by Pusher: Top-notch talks from developer meetups

At Pusher, we built Sessions, which is a website where we produce videos of talks from developer meetups:

Check it out and please let me know what you think (I’m the overly-enthusiastic British bloke from the Sessions introduction video :wave:)

At the moment, we have around 50 talks. We featured some ones we think you’ll like on the homepage, but please also feel free to search for your favourite technologies using our powerful search bar, powered by Algolia :raised_hands:

We released Sessions just two weeks ago so it’s still very much a baby :baby:. We welcome all and any feedback. It’s not open soure yet, but it will be soon. Pinky promise :vulcan_salute:!

Also, what kind of content would you like to see on Sessions?


Wow, the website looks gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Impressive job, congrats!

I have a few questions and feedbacks for you :slight_smile:

Regarding the search in videos, you might want to have a look at what @nico_lrx did with, where he managed to search into YouTube video by searching into their transcript and automatically jumping to the exact part of the video.

I see that you also have transcripts of your videos (which I found really impressive, by the way, how did you do that?), so it might make sense to let users search into that as well. It’s an invaluable source of content from my point of view and could let people find relevant videos even when the title does not easily reflect the content.

To do such a search you’ll need more screen real-estate, though. A full page search (once again, similar to the link above) might let you display results with enough informations so your users know exactly on which video to click.

Overall I’m impressed by the quality of the videos and curious about the amount of time and energy you put into it. At Algolia, we are meetup-addicts as well, and host on average one meetup every week. We’ve been steadily improving the quality of our video and audio setup, but we are not yet at a stage where we have slides with an overlay of the speaker and transcripts. I’m interested in some behind-the-scenes on how you pulled that off.

Great website @alexbooker !
I am also interested in knowing how you get the transcript for the videos? I’m working in a project trying to get the transcript using speach-to-text opensource library but the results are not really good overall… Thanks!