Setting refined by title on another section

When filtering within the Aloglia search results page the plugin is nice enough to add a css class for active filter parameters. I was wondering if there is a way to pull out the active filtered by parameter and use it another place on the page.


If we are filtering by pages have a header that says “Search Results: Pages”
If we are filtering by posts have a header that says “Search Results: Posts.”


Hey @rameden,

If you want to present your users with multiple different search pages you would need to go for a custom implementation leveraging the frontend library of your choice.

You could definitely inspire on the existing search experience that is provided.
You could also re-use the existing indices provided by the plugin.

Let us know how that goes,

I am not looking to give them multiple search pages. I am just looking to show them what they are filtering by in a different place on the page.