Setting up indices for multiple tables

I am needing to set up indices for multiple tables. Like Events, EventType, EventLocations, EventTime, and EventCategories. I plan on searching on Event and returning with EventType, a default location (first one found in EventLocation table), a default time (first one found in EventTime table) and a list of relevant categories from the EventCategories table. Then, as needed, bring up more locations and times. Should I have indices for each table?
Can all of the tables be searched at once?

Hi @consultwithmike - thanks for posting!

What we recommend is flattening all of that into one big record JSON record. The Algolia API doesn’t support searching multiple indices with the same query, so you’ll usually want to keep things in one index.

Your record for an “events” index might look like:

  name: "Some event",
  default_location: { ... },  //fields from EventLocation
  default_type: { ... }, //fields from EventType
  other_locations: { ... }

So, could

So, would we be better off gathering a lot of the information into a view.

Can I create data to analyze during the trial period?

Yes, you can create and query as much data as you like during the trial.

You will also have access to all Algolia features as outlined here.

I can’t find a way to enter my event data.

You have two choices for uploading data.

1 - You can use an API client.
2 - You can upload a CSV file on the dashboard.

To build indexing into your app, you’ll definitely want to get familiar with the API clients.