Setting Up New Application for Live site Location

We are preparing to go live with our site that is using the Algolia search. Currently, we have migrated the site to its final location and all search results when clicked will take you to the old location.

Knowing this I believe we’ll need to setup a new application and use those details for the final live location. Our only concern is when setting up the new application do we use the live URL. Our site is on WP Engine so the URL currently is but once the DNS is updated that will then be the live domain URL. When setting up this new application do we use the live URL even though the DNS is not yet changed over?


Hey @samantha,

We have a guide covering some of the aspects of handling multiple environments:

If you have one thing to remember, it is that you should change the index prefix on the settings screen of the plugin in production, and then re-index your data.

I hope that helps!

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