Setup with React React-Router

Been attempting for a number of days to this working. i will link a repo below to show.
Closest i got was a messy way to see the raw data and a few widgets although the hitComponent doesnt work at all or kick back any errors.
Im now using these docs:

But this comes back saying a lot of props are not defined. I have another account with data but am trying to get this setup first before changing it. atm under containers -> algolia_search their are a few files i have been testing with but the newest ones from that link are algoliatest.js and urlsync.js ive changed the App name to AlgoliaApp and called it in the route /test as Algolia

am i missing something in the implementation? getting a bit confused with all the different docs everywhere as they tend to have different implementations.

EDIT: /test should be the correct docs version but am getting a hits is not defined

Hi @nritsonsa, thanks for posting, hopefully we can help you here.

Have you seen the react-router and react-router-v4 examples in the react-instantsearch repository? Those might help as far as laying out the code.