Several Questions

There are several things that I am unable to set up:

  1. I want to add number_of_views as a customranking factor but I can’t find it under Indices > Ranking > Ranking Formula > Add a custom ranking attribute as it is indicated in this guide ( : “To sort your results by number_of_views, you can use the API parameter called customRanking, or add the rule at the bottom of the Ranking Formula in the Ranking tab of your dashboard.”)

  2. I can’t find the way to select alphabetical order as a ranking factor. This is also allegedly possible as it is explained in the same guide page “Regarding the possibility of sorting by a non-numeric attributes, by alphabetical order for instance, it is possible to do so by adding a new attribute as a new custom ranking criteria”.

  3. What is the ranking attribute record_index useful for?

Hi @germanasencioanton, thanks for posting your questions.

  1. Have you uploaded data with a number_of_views attribute and included it in your searchable attributes? Once you do that, you should be able to choose that field in the custom ranking.

  2. If you add a field containing text to the custom ranking, it will sort alphabetically by that field (this is the default).

  3. Can you share more info about where you are seeing this attribute?


Incledible fast response… amazing! Let’s see:

  1. I don’t know what you are referring to with the data uploading part. And I try to find the number_of_views searchable attribute under the ranking tab but there’s no such attribute! Is this a payable add-on??

  2. I understood this and fixed it. Thank you!

  3. When you select ‘Add a custom ranking attribute’ one of them is record_index but I don’t understand what it does.

I have another question:

A. This is what you say about Faceting in Display Settings “Faceted search allows you to display a dynamic list of filters to allow users to drill down into search results by any value of any attribute.” Okay so, to use this in Wordpress what do I need to do exactly, install a third-party-plugin like FacetWP that connects to Algolia?

And is there a way to easily customize the default colorscheme without tinkering with code?

Hi there,

Which extension or integration are you using to use algolia in your platform?

I use the Wordpress plugin “Search by Algolia” to integrate it with the Wordpress site but points 1, 3 and A I was trying to configure directly from Algolia dashboard.

Maybe @rayrutjes could help then :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you. I will wait for him to give a helpful hand. You guys are awesome.