[Shopify] An error is returned, "Invalid Application-ID or API key"

I want to eliminate out-of-stock items from the search results.

I tried this url.

However, An error is returned,“Invalid Application-ID or API key”.

My “ApplicationID” and “Api key” both seem to be valid.

Do you have any solutions?


Hi there,

I’m Dorian, software engineer at Algolia.

If I understand your question correctly you want to filter out items that are out-of-stock from your search results.

By default, we have a limited view of your application. Since your question requires us to see your index configuration and records, would it be okay to grant Algolia support access to your application?

Please head over to the Algolia support access page to provide us with at least 7 days or more of write access. When you have completed this step, please confirm by replying to this post . If not yet done, please also provide us the application ID and index name you want help on.

We also encourage you to give us any further steps to help us reproduce the issue like example queries and parameters, results you are seeing, results you would like to see, and any other information that you think may be helpful for us to gain a better understanding of the issue.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your reply!
Best regards,

Hi dorian,
Thank you for your response!

ok,I had setting.

Application ID : ZJGBYHPSQF
index name:dev_shopify_products_ , prod_shopify_products

Would you be able to check them?

Thanks again.