Shopify app and stock sync


I’m using your Algolia App but I have a problem regarding stock quantities. The stock quantities of my products are synced with my supplier (with BigBuy Dropshipping Inventory Sync App) and it seems that you are not keeping the store and the index quantities in sync :frowning:

That’s a problem because I wan to exclude out of stock products from the search and you still have old stock levels for products that are no more available :confused:

Can you help ?

This is definitely a problem.
I’m not familiar with BigBuy , but the tool you’re using to manage your inventory shouldn’t have an impact.

Every inventory update made by this app should trigger a product update webhook, which we should catch and index.
This might take some time though if you have a lot of updates at the same time (in the order of minutes, hours at most if you have tens of thousands of updates at the same time).

Could you share with us your store url (and your storefront password if you have one)?

Could you find a product with a wrong inventory quantity and:

  1. Send us a screenshot of the inventory displayed in Shopify’s admin (not the BigBuy app)
  2. Send us a screenshot of the variant object in your Algolia index?
    You can find a link to it in our app > Settings tab > Synchronize Settings in the text on the left.
    Then Browse tab and search for your variant.

If you’re uncomfortable sharing any of those publicly, you can also send those via email to with a link to this thread.

Hello @Jerska, I just sent an email to with all the requested information :wink:

Hi @david.georges! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but this needed me to try out the app myself to understand where the issue lied.
My conclusions are unfortunately not good. Indeed, when you’re using an external inventory management system, Shopify will retrieve updated inventory counts on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t seem like this will trigger any webhook, making us unaware of the change.

On our side, to follow the inventory quantity, the behavior is simple: we get the inventory quantity on our first indexing, and on each order your store receives, we’ll decrease the quantity by the amount which was ordered.

In your case, since you’re using a dropshipping system, inventory can also be updated when other stores sell this product, action that we’re completely unaware of and can’t, I’m afraid, be aware of.

Hi @Jerska, ok I understand… But is there something the “BigBuy Dropshipping Inventory Sync” app developer can do? I’m in contact with him :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t believe so.

The only solution I see was if he was to instead of using the built-in Shopify feature for alternative inventory management systems, using Shopify’s default management system and manually sending API calls to every single store selling this specific product on each sale.
This wouldn’t scale adequately for him, so you shouldn’t expect anything on this side.

What you could try to do would be to ask the Shopify salesperson you’re in contact with if they know a way of keeping track of inventory through webhooks when using an external inventory management system.
If there is an easy enough solution for this, we might end up implementing it.