Shopify Blog Search

I have installed Aloglia and now when I use the search box on the blog page, it searches the products, not the blogs. How do I fix this?


By default, our autocomplete menu will be the same on all of your pages.
Showcasing products so much, even on blog post pages, can still make sense for most shops which use their blog for organic growth, but want their users to buy.

It should however always search in both if you’ve enabled both types.
Did you tick “Index blog posts” in the Indexing tab of our application?

Increasing the visibility of blog posts in our autocomplete menu can be as simple as changing the number of blog posts displayed from the Display tab of our app.
You might also want to disable collections in our Indexing tab so that the autocomplete only searches in your blog posts and products.
Finally, you can modify our CSS in algolia_autocomplete.css.hogan.liquid to achieve the results you want.

What about on the instant search results page? It only shows products not blog article matches.

The instant search page isn’t linked to your blog, but to your store in general.
We’ll indeed only show products there, because that’s why we believe matter the most to businesses using our integration.

Blog posts on the instant search page would have little information to display.
Most stores usually have less than 1000 blog posts, which makes the autocomplete most of the time more than enough, whereas they can have tens of thousands of products, which require a page with filters and sort orders.

Can you describe a bit more your use case and why search in blog posts is so important for you?

The standard shopify search results showed blog search results also. We have a large blog where customers can search for recipes. How do I set it up so the blog section uses the standard shopify search instead of algolia search?

The easy way would be to disable our instant search page entirely, from the Display tab of the app.
Otherwise, you could:

  • build a new page for blog posts search
  • or add a query parameter when the search comes from the blog, and check in algolia_instant_search.js.liquid if this parameter is present.