Shopify - Changing /search to "ALGOLIA ANSWERS"

I want to change the Shopify plugin to consume the ANSWERS API instead of vanilla SEARCH.
Where does one change the API call?

Hi @steph . Our Answers API is currently in closed beta, as you can see here: .
Unless you’ve been accepted in this closed beta, you will not be able to contact its API.

Regarding the replacement in itself, as it’s a different API, it requires a different implementation than the one. Such a change wouldn’t be trivial: for instance we use instantsearch.js to power the search results page, which doesn’t support contacting the answers API.
I would actually recommend not using the front-end implementation provided with our Shopify integration in this case, but going from scratch entirely, with autocomplete.js for instance: GitHub - algolia/autocomplete: 🔮 Fast and full-featured autocomplete library which supports contacting any API to retrieve results.

Finally, I’m not entirely sure that Shopify is the right use-case for our Answers API: it’s meant to process and analyze text content. While there’s some information in products’ descriptions, a lot of its relevant information is in other attributes.

Hi @Jerska
Thank you for the prompt answer!
We are in the Answers Beta. We are also working with D.C. and Praa___ in your company.
We have reams of text on the shopping site, so that’s where we are planning to use Answers.
I am considering using the Github instantsearch.js in Shopify. As this is my first exposure to Shopify, I am still digging into its innards.
Any pointers to do that would be appreciated.

Hi @steph, I think you can start from this tutorial, which explains how to setup a custom InstantSearch implementation on Shopify, and adapt the code to instantiate an Autocomplete.js UI instead.