Shopify: Community plan summary

You can use our Shopify integration completely for free by using our Community plan.

With this Community plan, you get two quotas at once:

  • a 10K records quota
  • a 100K indexing operations quota


The records quota is the maximum total amount of objects you have in Algolia at the same time.
This includes amount of blog posts, amount of collections and amount of variants.

Each sort order that you activate adds a new index containing as many variants as the primary variants index. We call those replicas, see our Sorting guide.

One thing to note here: when everything has already been indexed, sometimes you might need to Reindex your data (using buttons in the Indexing tab of the application).
Reasons for needing to reindex can vary, but here’s a common one: Shopify webhooks are sometimes not triggered or they do not arrive in the correct order. This will eventually lead to our index getting a bit un-synced with your actual data. Reindexing from time to time solves this.

When reindexing, we’ll use Shopify’s API to list all of the items you chose to reindex, put them in a new temporary index while it’s incomplete, and once done, this new and fresh temporary one will replace the primary (live) one.

This has a side effect : to be able to reindex, you need to keep some room in your records quota, at least equal to the maximum of those values : amount of blog posts, amount of collections or amount of variants.
If you’re having more than 5K variants, even without sort orders and other data types, you won’t be able to Reindex the products for instance.

If you’re in this situation, you’ll have two options:

  1. Upgrade to an Essential plan
  2. Go through a few of manual actions:
    • Remove Algolia from your front-end through the Display tab of the app:
      • Uncheck Enable Autocomplete and Save
      • Uncheck Enable instant search page and Save
    • Empty your primary index:
      • Go to the Algolia dashboard: Sign in | Algolia
      • Select the index that you want to reindex (shopify_products, shopify_collections or shopify_articles)
      • Click Manage Current Index > Clear
    • Head back to the Algolia application in your store and click Reindex
    • Activate our front-end again once complete


The operations quota is easier to understand: everytime the application launches an indexing operation to Algolia (save, delete, changing settings, etc.), you consume operations (usually 1 per record modified).

If your operations quota is running low, try to lower the amount of updates (some Shopify apps are updating products a lot) or to lower the amount of manual reindexings you’re doing.

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