Shopify deployment pipeline issues

I am using a typical deployment pipeline with Git for my themes in Shopify.

Test branches > Master > Production

I have installed Algolia on a test branch and have it configured how I like, now when I merge these changes into Master theme, neither the results/autocomplete modules work. I’ve done a diff on the merged files on Master vs if I do “Install to a new theme” flow. I can’t see any substantial differences.

How can I achieve my test/promotion pipeline?

I think I may have figured this out. My solution:

  • Install to new theme > branch to merge into
  • Merge files and upload to Shopify theme
  • Toggle “Enable the DEBUG mode” for autocomplete


This is definitely unexpected.
If you disable the debug mode, does it fail again?

Your git workflow definitely makes sense.
We do have an issue with it though, described in more details here: Change theme instance .