Shopify distinct deduplication failing

I’ve got an issue where distinct deduplication on variant metadata is working in Algolia Dashboard but failing to do anything on my Shopify store.

For ex.: searching for a product model number on the Dashboard yields seven results while the same search in my store (on the search page using Instant Search) returns nine (two duplicates returned erroneously).

Anyone encountered this? Is there perhaps additional config that needs to be passed to Instant Search JS?

Thanks for any help.

This is definitely unexpected!
Could you share with us your search page with duplicate products and tell us which products you don’t see in Algolia?

Thanks for the reply. The Shopify store is private as it’s still under development. Happy to share if I can contact you directly, however?

@Jerska - Is that possible? Can I get in touch privately to share that store?

You definitely can, sorry for missing your first message there!
Please, simply send us an email to with:

  • the URL to this thread to give some context
  • your store information
  • the products which are failing

I’d be happy to look at it!