Shopify facet showMore text translation


I have managed to translate everything in Algolia in Shopify, it is a brilliant search solution.
I have added the showMore to the widget and it show up perfectly also managed to style it.

Can someone tell me how this “Show more” text getting outputted, so I can translate it to Hungarian?

Please see screenshots attached.

showmore shopify facet
showmore shopify facet2

Hello Jared,

Is it possible that you or someone can help me with this question?


Hey @Jerska, I feel like this is a simple fix but I’m not quite sure what the solution is. Maybe you have some feedback? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @orshycosmetics

Algolia’s plugin for Shopify use instant-search.js library. I just checked the source code of it and it seems that the library does not provide a translation feature for the show more label, yet. The best idea as right now is to make the limit parameter bigger. I am going to reach out the instant-search.js team to talk about this issue ! :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for the info ,
I have resolved the issue by downloading the instantsearch.min.js as it contains the scripts for outputting the show more texts and changed the text there. uploaded the file to shopify changed the include url for the file in the theme.liquid file.
For now it works perfectly, but not the best solution, as this file needs to be updated with the newest version constantly.

Hopefully I will come up with a better faceting design and I will use the collapsible function on the facet headers instead.

Hi @orshycosmetics and thanks for your feedback, this is both appreciated and helpful.
We’re actually using instantsearch.js v1 with Shopify, you shouldn’t have to downgrade it.

The refinementList widget has options to customize the show more / show less links through templates:

  • showMore.templates.inactive

Here are the default templates : instantsearch/defaultShowMoreTemplates.js at v1.11.15 · algolia/instantsearch · GitHub . Just pass the same string with the content modified to your language and you should be good to go!