Shopify filter by first available variant?

I’m new to algolia and implementing on Shopify.

My understanding is that the default index includes all variants in the result and I’m seeing those as the main return in my search query. E.g. I search for sweaters and I am returned all size/color variants in the result.

Is there an easy solution to filter by product.first_available_variant per option ? In this case I would be returned only the first size/color for each product.


16 AM

If you’ve installed Algolia in your theme in the last few days, you should be able to use Show products instead of variants in the Display tab of the app.
If this doesn’t work after you’ve saved, you should reinstall Algolia in your theme with the latest version using Install in a new theme in the Settings tab of the app.

Please let us know if that’s what you were looking for!

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

Is this setting also configurable on the client?

Could I show only the first available size? Where all color variants show, except only a single variant.