Shopify Flow Not Triggering

I setup a shopify flow to trigger when there are search results return an empty query. However the flow will not trigger. Any ideas why this might not be working? Is there a specific algolia file I should be checking in my shopify theme to make sure is installed correctly?


Thanks for reaching out! I am Alex developer at Algolia working on the Shopify Integration. Nice to meet you!

Just to be sure, you’re trying to setup the no result flow ? I just had a look at your configuration on Shopify and it seems that the the trigger option for the no result trigger is not activated. Could you go in the Algolia plugin, specially in the Shopify Flow tab and activate the options Top Searches with no results.

Triggers should fire once a day, if you’re willing to I can “force” the trigger to fire.
In the case where it still does not work, please send me a screenshot of the flow you setup. Also, if that is ok with you, I would like to access your account to get more details.

Let me know if you have other questions,


I did see that option in the settings of your app but your UI would not let me click the buttons. I thought maybe they were just there to show me the functionality? anyhow I tried again and still cannot click them.


It sounds that you’re running analytics v1 of Algolia, this is why the option is not available for you.
If you go on the Algolia dashboard you should be able to make the migration to analytics v2 and have the option available on our plugin!

Let me know how that goes!


okay seem liked that work. It says “gets results of searches returned daily” so like would this fire a batch each day to the shopify flow or is it real time like a webhook ?