Shopify iOS Search Issue

Curious if others using Algolia on Shopify have experienced issues with iOS users not being brought to the product page when they click on the product in Algolia search?

I’m currently having that issue on our site, multiple users have reported it. Doesn’t appear to be an issue on Android or PC.


Hi @douglas.plumley,

Thanks for reaching us.

We reproduced the issue on iOS and currently working on a bug fix.

I’ll keep you updated when the fix will be released.


Hi @douglas.plumley,

After more investigation, I was not able to reproduce the bug on our development and test stores.
Also, I re-tested the autocomplete of your online shop ( with an iPhone and had no issues.

The Autocomplete code provided by our Shopify application already handle special a case related to iOS that rely on CSS classes to fix the touch event on search results.

Did you make any changes to the autocomplete CSS or templates recently?

Sorry for the delayed response, I had found another article that indicated I needed to reinstall the Algolia code into the Shopify theme, that seemed to fix the issue. Thanks!