Shopify Metafields Not Appearing as Facets


I’ve added a variant metafield and checked the ‘Use as a Facet’ checkbox however the metafield isn’t showing anywhere in the Facets area of the ‘Search Options’ tab in the Shopify app.

The metafields have been indexed - I’ve checked in my Algolia account.

Any ideas on how I can enable the metafield as a facet?


Could you share with us your store URL or your app id ?
Feel free to send an email to with a link to this thread if you don’t want to share this publicly.

Hi again @matthew1 . You’re definitely correct, there was a glitch here, and I’m unsure what happened.
I’ve just tried again on a test store, and it worked great for me.

Can I ask you to remove the metafield, save, and add it again?
Since you have only 3 products, reindexing should be almost instant. :slight_smile:

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Thanks - that’s great :smile: - I’ll leave you in peace for a bit!!

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I am having the same issue here. I removed the metafields, saved and added them again. Still metafields do not show up on the Available Facets in Search Options. Tried many times. Same results every time. Would you please double-check what is wrong? I can email you the store URL and appid.

I have verified that the metafields are actually indexed and data populated in Algolia > Browse Index. It seems the Shopify app is having issues.


I might have figured out the issue. I removed the Metafields who’s field key has Space(s). The same metafields were added directly through Index Management before the removal in Shopify App. Now all Metafields appear in the Available Facets area.

So, it is possible that the Shopify App is having issues dealing with Metafields whose keys have space in them – issue is located in Shopify Algolia App > Indexing > Products > Manage Metafields.

The Algolia backend, actual indexing and faceting, works just fine.