Shopify Plus & Algolia Instant Search

Hi there, Using the Shopify App for Algolia, and we have 2 separate blogs on our store - “Articles” and “Recipes”.

We want to display Instant Search results for those 2 blogs in separate columns. But it seems that although Algolia indexes all the blog posts and displays the blog.title for Articles and Recipes, it attributes all Recipes to the “Articles” blog. And we can’t separate the 2 blogs within Instant Search.

Does anyone know if this is possible, or how to go about it both for Instant Search and the Search Results page?

images below of current Instant Search, and demo of what we want to achieve.

Many thanks!

Hi there! The integration doesn’t support splitting multiple blog posts into multiple autocomplete sections out of the box.

In your first screenshot, there are two categories, “Articles” and “Recipes”, but I believe this is the consequence of an attempt on your side to customize the autocomplete.
The integration by default will only display a “Blog posts” category with all articles in it, like so (article and news here are on 2 different blogs):


Achieving your intended behavior is definitely doable but would require some custom development.
Implementation advice on such custom development falls out of our support scope.

To give you pointers though:
You’ll find documentation about the main files used to handle the autocomplete in: Autocomplete Menu | Shopify | Algolia Documentation .
The main idea here would be to create a new autocomplete section in algolia_autocomplete.js.liquid. The code would have to be changed to accept a filter, a bit like the stock policy filter is added for the products section.

Many thanks, Jerska.

I’ll pass this onto the Dev team to implement.

Appreciate your help.