Shopify product stock not updating on order

Hi there, I have installed and setup the Shopify Integration on our site, which sells products that are one-off items, meaning each variant generally only has a single item in stock.

We are having a major issue that the stock level is not updating when an order is made, so that the after a product has been purchase, a customer is still able to see it in the collection page but when they click through to view the product, it shows as out of stock, as the inventory hasn’t updated. We are having to do a manual full reindex for it to update.

This is a critical problem for us as we don’t want users to be able to go to a product that is sold out as it reduces chance of purchase when they are viewing out of stock items.

Can you confirm that the app should fire a index update through the real time webhooks setting when an item is purchased, and if it isn’t default behaviour, how can we implement this

Many thanks.