Shopify Product / Variant Metafields Indexing Precedence Wrong

Shopify Product / Variant Metafields Indexing Precedence Not Behaving according to specification or documentation.

If both Product Level and Variant Level has the same Specifications.Size metafield, the index is taking Product Level metafield value instead of variant level metafield value.

Here is the example.

Product Metafield: Specifications.Size = Test
Variant Metafield: Specifications.Size = 6" x 50’

The index is setting Meta.Specifications.Size = Test

Attached is screen image.

According to documentation at

“As explained in the Product schema description, we’re actually indexing product variants. For a specific variant, we’ll take the metafield if present on the variant, otherwise fallback on the same metafield on the related product.”

Also, JerskaAlgolia TeamSep '17

“We do take both the metafields from the product and from the variant. Variant metafields have priority over product metafields, so if you have both, I’ll only look at the variant ones.”

Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.


Thanks for reaching us. I am Alex developer at Algolia, working on the Shopify Integration. Nice to meet you.

I created a Github issue, and we will work on it. Just so you know because of big event like Black Friday, we will do a code freeze, meaning that we won’t deploy any new version of our application for stability reason. I can come back to you once the issue has been resolve.